In process technology plants, liquids, gases, vapours, and granulate need to pass through pipelines. Industrial valves are used to inhibit or release medium flow as well as to control the resulting flow rate by opening or closing the valves. AUMA actuators are remotely controlled from the control room to operate valves.



Linear actuators

To perfom linear movements, e. g. in case of globe valves, the multi-turn actuator SA ... can be combined with the linear thrust unit LE, forming an electric linear actuator. In case a lever arrangement has to be operated, the linear thrust unit can be mounted on a base.

Lever actuators

If due to a lack of space, valves such as butterfly valves can only be operated via a lever arrangement, the electric lever actuators SQ with base and lever offer the optimum solution. They are based on the part-turn actuators SQ.

Communication systems

Parallel control, fieldbus, or both for reasons of redundancy? When opting for fieldbus, which protocol to use? Irrespective of your decision on the interface, AUMA actuators can be equipped with the suitable interface to match all systems established within process control engineering.