• WSG position indicator

    • Signalling of position and end position of AUMA part-turn gearboxes
    • Continuous mechanical position indication and electrical position feedback
    • For direct coupling with gear worm wheel: precise, low backlash position feedback


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  • WSH limit switching device

    • Valve operation via handwheel
    • Signalling of valve end positions
    • Weatherproof and explosion-proof version
    • Mechanical position indication of valve position
    • Option:
      Position transmitter to signal the valve position as 0/4 – 20 mA current signal to the DCS


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  • Inductive sensor switch

    • Sensor system for signalling valve end positions in two versions:
      Basic & Premium, depending on type of signalling

Measurement devices

  • Mobile leakage tester

    • Full set in solid case
    • Fast, simple air pressure tightness test at the place of installation
    • What can be tested: Actuators, cable glands, cable conduits, and electrical connection
    • To be fastened to different housing openings
    • LED display for test result


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  • Torque measurement flange

    Torque measurement flange

    • Measurement of multi-turn actuator and valve or gearbox
    • Continuous measurement of static as well as dynamic torques for rotating or non-rotating output shaft in both rotary directions within the range of 0 Nm through end of scale
    • Compact
    • Wear-free


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Adapting to on-site installation

  • Handwheel special variants: Chain

    • Chain wheel with remote switch-over
  • Handwheel special variants: Conical square for emergency power tool operation

    • Square head instead of handwheel for emergency power tool operation for SA .1,. SA .2, and SQ .2
  • Handwheel special variants: Extension

    • Extension for SA .1, SA .2, and SQ .2
  • Wall bracket for AC and AM

    • Mounting of actuator controls separately from actuator
    • Up to 100 m cable length (cable sets available)
    • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Floor pedestals

    • For mounting actuators or gearboxes
    • For manual operation of underground valves
  • Parking frame

    • Weatherproof and explosion-proof version
    • Safe storage of unplugged electrical connections
    • Protection against direct contact
    • Protection against environmental impacts
    • Fieldbus connection remains unchanged

Protective equipment

  • Lockable handwheel

    • Locking device for actuators SA, SQ, Tigron
    • Locking device for GS
    • Padlock with steel cable for GK and GST
    • Locking disc/input mounting flange with locking clamp and two padlocks
  • Sun roof

    • For AC/ACV actuator controls
    • Separate version for explosion-proof devices
    • Protection against environmental impacts
  • Protection against vandalism

    • Padlock to be locked in different positions
    • Lockable protection cover of local controls
    • With or without indicator glass