Profinet is a communication protocol for industrial automation technology based on Ethernet. Profinet uses the basic functional model of Profibus which allows smooth change-over to the new technology for Profibus users. Profinet combines the advantages of a known fieldbus system and Industrial Ethernet.


Profinet has the following characteristics:

  • Real-time communication is based on modified Ethernet frames
  • High performance (cycle times ranging from 1 – 8 ms, jitter up to <1µs, high throughput)
  • Hard real-time communication (RT) apart from acyclic (non RT) data exchange for configuration and diagnostics
  • Simple commissioning by automatic address assignment & detection of conflicting addresses
  • Automatic topology identification allows for
    - easy device exchange without reconfiguration
    - offline planning and programming of network topology
  • Integral redundancy concepts for transmission paths (ring) and DCS (system redundancy)


AUMA actuators with Profinet support the entire functional scope of AC .2 actuator controls, allowing easy and flexible integration into virtually any type of network.