Modbus TCP

Modbus TCP

Modbus TCP is a communication protocol for industrial automation technology based on Ethernet. For the most part, Modbus TCP is the direct implementation of the established Modbus protocol (RTU) to a TCP/IP based communication. Existing Modbus applications can thereby easily use a connection-based, secure exchange of process data via an existing Ethernet network


Modbus TCP has the following characteristics:

  • Data exchange according to the request/response principle based on TCP/IP connection
  • Suitable for simple real-time requirements (cycle times approx.100 ms)
  • Based on standard network components (switch etc.) and IT practices
  • Very simple, lightweight and universal protocol, basically a transparent implementation of Modbus RTU
  • Communication/routing without special gateway across network segments


In contrast to other protocols, Modbus has no problems handling delays in messages that often derive from communication using Modems or wireless Networks. Modbus TCP/IP thus enables reliable remote control, device monitoring and data collection.


AUMA actuators with AC .2 actuator controls support Modbus TCP, allowing easy and flexible integration into virtually any type of network.