AUMA fireproof actuators


Where highly flammable substances are part of a process, such as in the oil and gas industry, there still remains a fire hazard despite high safety standards. In the event of a fire the damage must be limited to a minimum. It is therefore necessary in these situations to influence the process, e.g. to cut off the supply of flammable substances.


This is only possible if fireproof equipment has been installed in the plant which will remain operative even under these extreme conditions.


AUMA fireproof actuators can, in case of fire, contribute a great deal to limiting the risks for people, the environment and the plant. The functionality, application possibilities, operation and user friendliness are comparable to the proven non-fireproof actuators.


  • 详细信息

    • Design features

      Multi turn

      • Torque range from 10 Nm to 32,000 Nm
      • Output speeds from 4 to 180 rpm


      Quater turn

      • Torque rang from 50 Nm to 2,400 Nm
      • Swing angles from 75° to 105°
      • Operating time ranges for 90° from 4 s to 100 s



      • Thrusts from 4 kN to 217 kN
      • Strokes from 50 mm up to 500 mm
      • Speeds from 20 mm/min to 360 mm/min
    • Ambient temperatures

      Normal operation

      • –20° C up to +60 °C


      In case of fire

      • Fully operational for at least 30 minutes
      • Up to 1 100 °C.
      • Corresponding fireproof valve can be operated