AUMA and ACMO for Italian water treatment plants

AC.MO S.r.l., member of the AKK group, has been awarded a major contract for supplying AUMA motorised valves for the water treatment plant of Fanaco, Italy. The aim of the development is energy harvesting from water previously distributed to basins prior to redirection to the water purifier. The system is connected to the main pipeline of an existing water purification plant, thus creating a new by-pass pipeline enabling redirection of the water flow to the new hydroelectric generator.


After driving the turbine, the water flow is returned to the main line towards the water purifier and, finally, distributed to the consumer. In addition to the typical task ahead of the turbine, the deployed valves allow for smooth flow regulation while ensuring turbine safety by providing a complete by-pass. The overall system is now capable of generating electric power of up to 180 kW.