Turbo generator plant upgrades to AUMA electric actuators

Eraring power station upgrades pneumatic actuators with AUMA’s electric actuation technology.

Eraring power station in NSW Australia has upgraded pneumatic actuators for seal air dampers at 28 coal mills with AUMA’s electric actuation technology. Advantages of AUMA’s devices include enhanced control, easier set-up and improved DCS interface. The commission is the latest installation of AUMA actuators at Australia's largest power station – over 400 AUMA actuators have been adopted in all plant areas: applications include on-off, inching/positioning and modulating duty.


Represented locally by AUMA subsidiary Barron GJM, scope of work also included producing tailor made pedestals for the existing foot mounted gearboxes - this enabled straightforward replacement in the allocated outage period.


Modular electric actuation solutions have been supplied by AUMA to the power sector for over fifty years. Key benefits include seamless integration into all commonly used power plant control systems using reliable communication interfaces.


AUMA actuators are qualified for safety-related systems up to SIL 3. Extensive diagnostic functionality ensures integration into asset management systems. The company’s powder coating innovation excels in its ability to withstand highly corrosive environments. Remote mounting of actuator controls ensures easy access and safeguards against vibration and high temperatures.


AUMA provides comprehensive maintenance support, including complete service for power plant inspections.