Product revision for AUMA's compact range

AUMA showcases SGC part-turn actuators and SVC globe valve actuators at the ACHEMA trade fair. The electrical connection is used as standard for both SA multi-turn actuators and SQ part-turn actuators. With this new option, a uniform electrical connection concept can be implemented if the compact SGC and SVC type ranges are used with the larger type ranges. As standard, the actuators are equipped with smaller Phoenix connectors. Back in 2014, the new size 12.1 was introduced for the SGC part-turn actuators, doubling the maximum tripping torque from 500 to 1,000 Newton metres, and the maximum number of permissible turns per stroke was increased from 24 to 100 for the globe valve actuators. This extended the application portfolio for both type ranges.


SGC part-turn actuators and SVC globe valve actuators excel by their compact design. Considering their dimensions, they generate high torques at fast running speeds. Three factors are the main reasons for their compact design and outstanding performance. 1) Controls are an integral part located in the actuator housing. 2) The patented ellipto-centric gearing and the permanent magnetic motor allow for coaxial design and 3) Both of these components are already compact by their design. In comparison to conventional motors, the variable-speed motors only require a third of the design size to achieve identical power data. The ellipto-centric gearing ensures reduction ratios of 80:1 in a single stage. In addition, the gearing is very low in wear.