Enhanced security with AUMA leakage tester

AUMA’s new PV1691 portable leakage tester is now available as a comprehensive set supplied in a robust case. The compact test device allows users and contractors to test actuators on-site for leak tightness.


AUMA actuators and actuator controls are guaranteed leak-tight when delivered to the customer’s site, as a pressure test is an integral part of the assembly process. They comply with the requirements of IP68 for increased enclosure protection, and withstand continuous immersion up to 8 m head of water for a maximum of 96 hours.


The portable leakage tester now makes it possible to ensure that actuators are still leak-tight and moisture-proof following interventions like electrical installation, retrofits or repair work. Critical factors for leak tightness include making sure that cable entries at the actuator's electrical connection are properly sealed, and that O-rings in the housing joints are intact and correctly seated.


To carry out a leak test, the compact device is screwed to one of the various housing openings on the actuator or the actuator controls. An integral pump pressurises the housing, after which the device measures the pressure loss over a predefined period of time. The result is shown directly on the display.


Intuitive design and pre-defined test procedures make the tester easy to use. Custom test procedures can also be stored. The battery-operated device can be used throughout the plant, with no external power supply.


The comprehensive set contains everything needed for on-site leak tightness testing, including the PV1691 tester, an adapter for testing the actuator’s electrical connection, an AUMA spanner, leak detection spray, battery charger and operation manual.


Customers can order the leakage tester as of now from their local AUMA Sales or Service organisation. AUMA Service also offers on-site leak tightness testing as part of its service portfolio.