Compact AUMA part-turn actuator

The ED/EQ series of compact part-turn actuators from AUMA Industry & Marine is ideal for automating butterfly and ball valves. With eight sizes covering a torque range of 25 – 600 Nm, the ED/EQ series represents AUMA’s low-torque segment. The company’s full product portfolio provides torques up to 675,000 Nm.


Operating times for 90° travel range between 15 s and 160 s, depending on the size, and are factory set.


Each size is available with at least one variant offering a stall-proof motor (duty type S1 – 100 %), making these actuators well suited to modulating duties. All are equipped with handwheels for emergency manual operation. For the EQ actuators, mechanical end stops limit the angle of travel during manual operation. All sizes are available with at least three output mounting flanges. The separate plug-in coupling allows the actuator to be matched easily to the valve shaft and simplifies installation.


ED and EQ actuators are designed for integration into simple distributed control systems, and excel in terms of their low energy consumption. In their basic versions they are equipped with two limit switches for motor cut-out when the valve reaches the end of its travel. As an option, the actuators can be equipped with binary inputs for operation commands by integrating reversing contactors, positioners, and analogue position feedback signals. A Profibus interface is also possible. The basic versions offer protection to IP67, with IP68 as an option.