AUMA Profinet actuators receive Top Product 2017 award

AUMA actuators with Profinet interface have been recognised among the top products of 2017 by the German magazine PROCESS. The AUMA innovation is rated second out of the top ten products in the valves category. The ranking is based on visitor responses on the magazine’s online portals and, as certified by media audit organisation IVW.


AUMA is one of the first actuator manufacturers to offer a Profinet interface, thus maintaining its leading role in providing field devices with state-of-the-art communication technology. Profinet is an open and standardised Industrial Ethernet protocol and is considered to be one of the leading communications standards of the future, especially with respect to the industrial Internet of things (IIoT).


AUMA actuators with Profinet interface provide unprecedented connectivity and are real-time capable. Wherever they are located, even in the most remote locations, they can be easily integrated into existing Internet networks. All information is directly available on the IT network and can be used for process visualization, statistics, advanced modelling, simulation, or integration in IIoT applications.


Electric valve actuators play a key role in intelligent field device networks. On the one hand, they make remote process operation possible by opening and closing valves. On the other hand, powerful electronics allow electric actuators to act as information hubs for data that relates to the wider process as well as the actuator, the latter based on advanced self-diagnostics.


AUMA’s Profinet interface meets the requirements of Profinet specification 2.3 and supports Conformance Class B (CC-B). Rates of up to 100 Mbit/s are possible. Implementation into line and loop topologies is facilitated by the integrated switch function. Loop topologies additionally provide redundancy via the Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP). Device integration and commissioning are easy and convenient, thanks to a standardised device description (GSD) and a wide range of supporting features including automatic address assignment.