AUMA statement on business with Russia

On 24 February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. This war is strongly condemned by AUMA’s management, shareholders and advisory board. The suffering this war has caused among the people of Ukraine is unimaginable. Millions of people have fled from Ukraine, suddenly losing their homes and their everyday lives.


We support refugees from Ukraine seeking refuge in Germany through local aid organisations and community facilities.


As early as spring 2022, we started to review all our national and international business activities related to Russia and Belarus. Certainly, all sanctions are followed. We have severely restricted the ongoing business of our Russian subsidiary, well beyond the respective applicable sanctions. We no longer supply any products for the oil and gas industry. Furthermore, we have completely discontinued the components and spare parts business. Deliveries are still being supplied to the civil infrastructure in the water and energy segments, but these activities are also being critically questioned. We monitor the situation closely in order to react appropriately.


This war must end immediately. Our thoughts are with those affected by the war, the victims and their families.