Increasing plant availability with the AUMA Cloud

AUMA has expanded its digital services portfolio with the new AUMA Cloud, a free and secure cloud-based solution for cost-effective asset management and true condition-based predictive maintenance, promoting high plant availability.


The AUMA Cloud provides an easy-to-use interactive platform to collect and assess detailed device information on all the AUMA actuators in a plant. The cloud allows plant operators to detect excessive loads or other problems at an early stage and take remedial action in time to prevent potential failures.


AUMA actuators are equipped with comprehensive data logging facilities. Their AC integral controls automatically store a wide variety of operating data including number of motor starts, motor running time, temperatures, vibration, torques, warning signals and faults. This data provides valuable information on the loads the actuators and their related valves have experienced over their lifetimes.


Previously, this operating data has been used mainly by AUMA service experts equipped with specialised software. Now, plant owners and operators can also take full advantage of the information. The AUMA Cloud analyses the data and presents the results clearly, including crucial parameters such as actuator uptime and the number of full stroke equivalents for each valve.


The AUMA Cloud gives plant operators a quick overview of the wellbeing of their actuators and valves. Any excessive loads can easily be detected, and maintenance planned on the basis of actual operating conditions.


If more detailed analysis is required, it is quick and easy to send actuator data from the AUMA Cloud to AUMA Service. This facilitates remote diagnostics while reducing costs for on-site service and speeding up repairs.


For the future, AUMA plans to take digitalisation even further by enhancing the AUMA Cloud with innovative services. These may include live monitoring of decentralised sites, machine learning, and interfaces to internal and external systems.


As a web application the AUMA Cloud works with any common browser and does not require additional software installation. The AUMA Cloud is free of charge.


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