Spare parts & accessories

Spare parts & accessories

Reliable replacement guaranteed

For us, spare parts are central services since they importantly contribute to function, safety and lifetime of your AUMA actuators.


Spare parts are still available after decades of device deployment. Original parts of AUMA fulfil the highest quality requirements.

Advice is our top priority

With joint efforts, we will identify your requirements, coordinate delivery, and cater for fast replacement. Of course, it will be a pleasure to advise you with spare parts stock for your standard devices.

Emergency service

If you require replacement for a complete actuator at short notice in exceptional cases, please contact us immediately. We manufacture your replacement device to suit your needs at your precise technical specifications.

Your AUMA Plus

  • Guaranteed manufacturer quality
  • High availability
  • Fast delivery
  • Worldwide dispatch
  • Individual consulting
  • Long-term security of investment
  • High useful life of the plant

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