SIL | Ex | Nuclear Services

SIL | Ex | Nuclear Services

Safety thanks to certified experts

Your plant security is our key concern. In safety-relevant areas, a large number of regular inspections and maintenance work are specified for electric actuators. For these issues, the AUMA Service acts as your competent and experienced partner.

Functional safety / SIL

AUMA service experts are certified and entitled to perform all test and maintenance interventions on the actuator in SIL certified plant sections. This includes proof tests according to IEC 61508.

Potentially explosive atmospheres

AUMA service experts are comprehensively qualified to perform the specified interventions in compliance with ATEX or IEC 60079-17 – a warrant for the explosion protection at all times.

Nuclear power plants

AUMA Service experts are certified for periodical checks and basic overhauls at safety-relevant actuators used in nuclear power plants, including inside containment deployments. They have long standing experience with these interventions while respecting the specific safety regulations.

Your AUMA Plus

  • Compliance with legal obligations
  • Test schedules and documentation in compliance with standards
  • Relief for your operating staff
  • Cost reduction by saving own training expenses, tools, and measurement devices
  • Warrant for plant availability

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