Basic Account Plus Account
free of charge 50 €/month
  • Parametrisation, configuration and remote control of actuators
  • Access to all CORALINK modules
  • Asset Management: 100 devices within AUMA Cloud
  • Max. 10 MB memory capacity in the AUMA Cloud
  • Creating a plant structure
  • Access to device-related data
  • Automatic data analysis – status monitoring
  • Event report and diagrams relating to actuator status data
  • Live history data – Live recording of Opening torque and Closing torque diagram
  • Fieldbus monitor – Master simulator

... and many features more!

  • All functions of the Basic Account
  • Access to all CORALINK modules
  • Asset Management: 10,000 devices in the AUMA Cloud
  • Max. 100 MB memory space in the AUMA Cloud
  • Excel import for fast and easy setup of plant structure
  • CDT motor analysis for detailed inspection of control system operation
  • Automated action plan – simple, prioritised recommendation of actions
  • Role management – assignment of user rights
  • Snapshot collector – multiple download of snapshots


600 €/year for 1 Account

1.800 €/year for 5 Accounts