Major technology investment for AUMA apprentices

AUMA has invested more than 400,000 Euros this year alone in new technology for its apprentice training workshop. The new heart of the workshop is a state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC milling machine. Other new investments include a lathe, a universal milling machine, a 3D printer and a collaborative robot.


“This is an important investment in the future of our company,” said CEO Dr Jörg Hoffmann at the inauguration of the new 5-axis milling machine. “Vocational training for apprentices is a very important topic for AUMA. We depend on a steady supply of well-qualified young talents in order to maintain our high production standards. In that context, a modern machine park is a must.”


The AUMA apprentices and their trainers are delighted to have the latest technology in their workshop. “Our apprentices in mechanical engineering and electronics need to learn on state-of-the-art technology,” said training supervisor Ralf Amann. “The 5-axis milling machine in the apprenticeship workshop uses the same programming and control software as the latest machining centre in our ‘real’ production,” Amann explained. “So apprentices can easily transfer their knowledge to the production environment and become productive very quickly.”


Following intensive training on the new milling machine, each apprentice carries out an individual project of their own. All apprentices receive their own laptop or tablet, which they use for home schooling and internal online training as well as in the workshop.


In total, AUMA currently employs more than 40 apprentices and students in technical subjects, commerce and business administration. With more than 750 employees at the company’s headquarter in Muellheim, Germany, AUMA is one of the biggest employers in the region.


In addition to the professional quality of the training, social skills and personal development are also a prime focus for AUMA. “Normally each year the apprentices and students organise a team-building weekend in the Black Forest,” said Training Manager Clemens Resch. “Because of the coronavirus crisis, it had to be cancelled this year, unfortunately. But we hope next year the weekend will take place again.”