New Networking. Coming soon: The AUMA cloud!

The AUMA cloud

The Internet of Things is a mega-trend worldwide. At AUMA, this is more than just a buzzword. It is time to take the next step. Coming soon: The AUMA cloud.


With the AUMA support app, we have already provided your with a mobile tool accessing information on your actuators at the tip of your fi nger. Now, we are taking the meaning of support even further. The result: The AUMA support app will perform innovative networking to the new AUMA cloud. Look forward to a digital platform for smooth data exchange and many options more for optimising processes and making plants even more reliable. Create a virtual representation of your plant, share the information with others, enter into a vivid exchange with your colleagues. And: contact your AUMA service and sales experts, if you need further assistance. The access to your AUMA cloud? It is all in your hands. Better safe than sorry.


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