Updated software for download

Here you can find the latest software and configuration files on our products. 


Operating and programming software
AUMA CDT (Commissioning and Diagnostic Tool) for AUMATIC 01.2 and SGx/SVx
COM-AC for AUMATIC 01.1 actuator controls
Full:All necessary drivers are installed.
Minimum:Only the COM-AC program files and the required libraries are installed.

Database drivers for COM-AC. 
These drivers are only required if the drivers included with COM-AC were not updated during the installation process.


After the installation of Windows with the latest service pack and the security update, the current database drivers, "MDAC 2.8 SP1" and "Jet 4.0 Service Pack 3", have to be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center and installed.


General Station Description (GSD) image files of the actuators and actuator controls
with PROFIBUS DP Interface.
Device description (EDD) for actuators and actuator controls with Profibus DP-V1 Interface.
Device Type Manager (DTM) for actuator controls with DP-V1 Interface.


General Station Description (GSD) image files of the actuators and AUMATIC AC 01.2 actuator controls
with PROFINET Interface.



Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) of the AUMATIC actuator controls with DeviceNet Interface.


Foundation Fieldbus

Device Description (DD) and Capabilities File (CFF) of the actuator controls
with Foundation Fieldbus Interface.



Device description (EDD) for actuators and actuator controls with HART interface.