AUMA Cloud

The AUMA Cloud is an innovative tool for cost-effective asset management and predictive, condition-based maintenance of AUMA actuators, promoting high plant availability.

IIoT for actuators

The AUMA Cloud provides an easy-to-use interactive platform to collect and assess detailed device data of your actuators within a plant. Plant operators are in a position to detect excessive loads or anticipate possible maintenance requirements and introduce the appropriate measures to avoid unexpected failures.

Asset management and predictive, condition-based maintenance

AUMA Cloud has intelligent algorithms for analysing and evaluating comprehensive operational data, automatically recorded by the AUMA actuators. Data such as motor running time, temperatures, vibration, torques, warning signals and failures are converted into meaningful parameters within the AUMA Cloud and provide information about the actuator availability. Devices and parameters are clearly structured.


As a plant operator, you receive comprehensive information about the loads previously acting on your actuators and valves. Now, you can schedule your maintenance actions on the basis of the actual device condition. In case of device failure, the parameters also provide useful hints for successful troubleshooting.


Just a few steps are required to create a digital asset overview including all actuators within a site. To this end, service and device data are for example recorded by means of the AUMA Assistant App and uploaded to the AUMA Cloud. This task can be performed by the plant staff or with the support of the AUMA Service. Automatic solutions are also an option.

Online access to all device data and documents

The AUMA Cloud gives you direct access to the comprehensive documentation available for every AUMA device. This includes operation instructions, technical data sheets, wiring diagrams, order-related data sheets, etc. Time-consuming searching for printed documents is no longer required.


Creating and tracking service requests

For more detailed diagnostics, your data can be quickly and easily forwarded to the AUMA Service. This allows for detailed remote diagnostics, reduces cost for on site service missions and accelerates fault remedy. The status of your service requests can be tracked in the AUMA Cloud at any time.

Just give it a go!

As web application, AUMA Cloud is working with any browser and does not require additional software installation. You only have to register once for use of the Digital Services offered by AUMA. Up to 100 devices can be managed free of charge in the AUMA Cloud.


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