CDT (version 2020)

In addition to  commissioning, operation, parametrisation and configuration, the software allows for reading operating and device date of your actuators via Bluetooth and uploading snapshot files to AUMA Cloud (prior registration required). There, the data is automatically analysed and organised as required.


Supports type ranges: SA, SQ with AC or ACV generation .2, SGx/SVx and PROFOX


Online installation

Download (automatic, ClickOnce installation)


Offline installation

Please note that this version is not subject to an automatic update. Please save the file on an USB flash drive for installation on a local drive on your computer.

Download zip file (manual installation)

    • System requirements

      • Windows 10
      • .NET 4.8
      • Bluetooth adapter with Microsoft Stack
        (AUMA recommendation: Hama Bluetooth®-USB adapter, version 4.0 C1 + EDR, AUMA spart part: Z100.959)
      • For connection via Profibus (under preparation):
        Profibus communication (option) with Profibus adapter
        (e.g. PROFIusb adapter by Softing, AUMA spare part: Z122.794)
    • Functions

      • Automatic update function
      • Fast fault and maintenance display (NAMUR or AUMA category) as well as the most important actuator information
      • Display of: Device ID, operating data, event report, configuration parameters, chart viewer for characteristics
      • Favourites menu for preferred actuators
      • Online connection to AUMA Cloud and snapshot upload function for direct service case creation
      • Access to device-specific documentation by entering serial number or order number
    • Functions depending on access rights

      • Profibus DP master function (under preparation)
      • Modbus RTU master function
      • Modbus TCP/IP master function
      • Firmware update for actuator controls
      • Remote actuator control for commissioning
      • Setting the tripping torque and end positions
      • Changing configuration parameters
    • Language selection

      • Available in more than 30 languages
    files are found!