Digital Plus Services

Digital Plus Services

Asset Management made easy

Use the potential of all hidden device data for data-based maintenance with the innovative service portfolio of the AUMA Service. 

Modern digital tools like the AUMA Cloud paired with expert knowledge – our digital device PLUS services are the ideal combination of digital data and the long-standing experience of our AUMA Service experts. 

Digital asset overview

We record all AUMA devices within your plant and create a detailed device overview in the AUMA Cloud. You have a perfect view of your devices at a glance, which is the basis for a successful asset management.

Digital status analysis

We read comprehensive operational data from your AUMA devices and upload them for later analysis to the AUMA Cloud. Detailed parameters help checking the commissioning or evaluating the wear of your plant components. Specifically schedule maintenance and replacement depending on the actual device status. This will save both time and expenditures and prevent unexpected failures.

Your AUMA Plus

  • Overview on your devices
  • Early fault detection during commissioning
  • Premature detection of maintenance and replacement requirements
  • Reliable long-term operation
  • High plant availability

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