Workshop service

Manufacturer know-how for your advantage

Service at AUMA. Both parts and personnel are up to date.

Use our best service also for maintenance and upgrades: the AUMA workshop service.


The AUMA specialists are always up to date – no matter whether actuators, controls or gearboxes are concerned.


This is ensured by continuous internal exchange of information and training at regular intervals.

Workshop for AUMA products (Germany)

ZIP code: 01-19, 39, 98, 99,20-31, 37, 38
Phone:+49 39204 759 9450
Fax:+49 39204 759 9429


ZIP code: all others
Phone:+49 2234 20 37 9060
Fax:+49 2234 20 37 9079

Workshop for Lewa products

Phone:+49 39204 759 9450
Fax:+49 39204 759 9429

Workshop for Siemens products

Phone:+49 8165 9017 2012
Fax:+49 8165 9017 2018


Your advantage

  • check of the cost estimate (free of charge)
  • delivery of a new unit (on request)
  • specific repair (only defective parts are replaced)
  • full overhaul to restore the new condition
  • retrofitting/conversion
  • inspection/maintenance
  • final inspection using a test bench
  • use of the high spare parts availibility
  • work is performed by qualified AUMA service technicians


Transport logistics

Optimum time management – even for the logistics
The workshop service does not start or end with the repair of your actuators. We also look after the logistic requirements.


  • pickup and delivery service for your actuator technology
  • tailor-made solutions for your logistic requirements
  • placing the order with the required logistics company