Maintenance / inspection

Looking after your assets 

On a regular basis. Relying on experience. Clearly defined.

Maintenance is always inconvenient. The same applies to unexpected standstill times. Therefore, inspections and revisions are statutory requirements for many installations (e.g. nuclear power plants).


AUMA offers the maintenance and inspection service for this purpose. All work is performed at regular intervals, adapted and defined in accordance with your personal requirements.
Defined wear parts are included in the maintenance package and will be exchanged as preventive measure.
A subsequent maintenance report presents the current status of the unit.


The AUMA maintenance service is also available as a package with a fixed price that may be included in your planning.


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A clearly defined partnership

Unambiguously defined agreements are always the best basis for a good partnership.
The same applies to service work. AUMA therefore offers the possibility to enter a written agreement with our service centers and departments.
These service agreements are individually adapted to your requirements, e.g. scope of delivery, conditions or delivery dates.
This ensures long-term reliability in planning for both parties.


Your advantage

  • maintenance of the investment value
  • review and status analysis of all actuators
  • determination of the actuators used and generation of an actuator list
  • defined scope of maintenance
  • the work is performed by qualified AUMA service technicians
  • regular and qualified maintenance and support of the actuators in your plant
  • reduction of unexpected standstill times due to early diagnosis
  • scheduled service work
  • short reaction times
  • controlling for your safety
  • individual and tailor-made service agreements
  • continuity for the entire duration of the agreement
  • calculation basis
  • unambiguous definition of the agreed service work
  • reliability in planning the maintenance work