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Explosion-proof actuators used in your plant have to be safe:
The devices should under no circumstances cause any danger.


Therefore, the European standard EN 60079-17 stipulates inspection and maintenance of explosion-proof actuators by trained personnel at regular intervals, including the respective documentation.
As the plant operator/person in charge of the plant, you have to ensure the safety of explosion-proof actuators for the entire lifetime.

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Transferring responsibility

We as the manufacturer have both the know-how as well as qualified service technicians to meet the requirements of the above mentioned standard.


For this purpose, we have developed a special maintenance concept to ensure full explosion protection even after several years.


Our service and maintenance concept includes both inspection and maintenance of the general actuator functions, as well as the special requirements placed on explosion protection.


Your advantage

  • The responsibility for the safe operation of the explosion-proof actuators within the framework of regular inspection requirements is transferred to us, i.e. the manufacturer
  • We issue both the inspection schedules and the documentation
  • Only qualified service technicians perform the service work
  • The costs can exactly be calculated and unwanted surprises be avoided