AUMA Assistant App

AUMA Assistant App

The AUMA Assistant APP allows easy commissioning and maintenance of your AUMA actuators. The App offers comprehensive configuration and diagnostic facilities, simple and fast via smartphone or tablet.

Quick and easy parameter setting

All device parameters are comfortably set via the App. This saves both time and cost during commissioning. Connection to the actuator is wireless via Bluetooth. The App allows either individual configuration of device parameters or transmission as predefined parameter strings to the actuator. Furthermore, copying parameter strings from one actuator to another is also possible.

Password-protected user levels provide efficient protection against unauthorised parameter modifications.

Comprehensive diagnostics

A snapshot function facilitates maintenance and troubleshooting: All diagnostic and operational data stored in the actuator can be read out and transferred to a PC for visualization and evaluation using the comprehensive analysis tools of AUMA’s CDT commissioning and diagnostic software. Snapshot data include, for example, run times, number of starts, and torque characteristics.

Data upload on the AUMA Cloud

The AUMA Assistant App offers an easy method to upload data to the AUMA Cloud:

  • Snapshots including all service and device data
    Comprehensive service and device data of your actuators can be read via Bluetooth and uploaded to the AUMA Cloud as snapshot files. There, the data is automatically analysed and organised.
  • Serial number lists
    By scanning the DataMatrix Codes on the name plates of your AUMA devices, you may easily record and collect device information such as serial numbers for upload to the AUMA Cloud. This allows you to create an overview of all your AUMA devices within your installation.

Your fast way to competent support

You may also redirect the read data records directly from the AUMA Assistant App to the AUMA Service for remote diagnostics by an experience service expert.

All documents at a glance

The AUMA Assistant App also provides you with direct access to all device-specific documents available for your AUMA actuators simply by scanning the QR code on the device:

  • Technical data sheets
  • Operation instructions
  • Inspection certificates
  • Wiring diagrams and legends
  • 3D solid models

How to install the AUMA Assistant App

The AUMA Assistant App is available free of charge with Google Play and in the Apple App Store. It runs on mobile end devices with the operating systems Android 5.0 or higher and iOS 10.2 or higher.


AUMA Assistant App