3D solid models acc. order/quotation number

This download service only works for 7-digit or 8-digit quotation and order numbers.
Currently, 9-digit quotation and order numbers are not available for download.

For any questions, please contact: Request solid models


You can use this service to view"3D solid models" for your order number or quotation number. With each request, the 3D solid models will be specifically created for your order. To keep data volume low and enable swift download, simplified models will be provided.


  1. Enter your order number or quotation number and click the Request data button.
  2. The positions of your order or quotation will be displayed for verification.
  3. Tick the positions which should be included in the 3D solid model. Please heed the mounting instructions on your order acknowledgement. (For quotations, please heed the mounting information of your quotation.)
  4. Select the desired file format and request the model. You may select several file formats at once.
  5. A 3D solid model will then be provided for download in the requested file formats.