Quality, environment and occupational health and safety

Quality, environment, occupational health and safety

We in Purchasing and Logistics are responsible for the quality of our purchased products, capital goods and services.


Commitment to pursuing a zero-fault policy

AUMA pursue a consistent zero-fault policy. We also expect our suppliers to provide fault-free products and optimum service. In order to achieve this, the supplier's top management should be involved in the quality assurance process.



We expect our partners at least to be certified in compliance with EN ISO 9001 and the environmental standard EN ISO 14001, latest revision.

Furthermore, we assume that our suppliers worldwide heed at the least the requirements of the applicable German legislation with regard to environmental protection and occupational health and safety and that they maintain an energy management system in compliance with ISO 50001 and are possibly certified. We reserve the right to conclude an extended quality assurance agreement with our suppliers.


Use of preventive methods

You are familiar with preventive quality assurance methods such as SPC, process and machine capability (Cmk, Cpk), FMEA, Poka Yoke and feasibility studies and purposefully use them.


Reactions in case of non-conformance

Immediate reaction to possible non-conformities as well as systematic analysis and elimination is of utmost importance to us. We demand application of the 8D method for problem solution, providing sustainable support for the zero-fault policy.


Respecting the REACH regulation

If the products and/or the packaging material contain SVHC substances of the candidate list exceeding 0.1 % weight by weight (w/w), we expect our suppliers to notify us accordingly without delay.