Ordering and materials planning

We strive to work with blanket orders/quantity or value based contracts with release orders. Blanket orders are used to define quantities, prices and conditions and guarantee our procurement.


Cost optimisation due to innovate logistic concepts

AUMA demand and support the application of innovate logistics solutions such as KANBAN, consignment stock etc. Optimum economic and procurement control of the entire value added chain.


Timeliness in compliance with our deadlines<

We expect our suppliers to adjust the entire delivery chain according to our desired delivery dates. A time window of 5 to 0 days with regard to the desired date is required. In exceptional cases, agreement with materials planners are possible when allowing for appropriate lead time.


100% supply and traceability

Consequent zero-fault policy governs not only product quality but also logistic handling of the supply. We require single-batch delivery and timely information on possible disturbances of the supply chain.


International availability

The AUMA group with several production sites worldwide requires willingness and capability to ensure global supply which is the basis for successful and viable cooperation. If required, we demand national and international supply via KANBAN or consignment stock.