Committed to functional safety

As a manufacturer of electric actuators that are frequently used in safety-related systems, AUMA is committed to increasing plant safety through better understanding of functional safety. With this in mind, AUMA regularly supports training sessions and conferences on functional safety.


AUMA was for the second time sponsor and co-organiser of the international Functional Safety Copenhagen (FSCPH) conference that took place in Helsingør, Denmark, from 3 to 4 May this year. Around 140 participants from around the world attended the conference and took part in the comprehensive programme. AUMA experts made presentations, held workshops, and co-organised an additional beginners’ course that took place the day before the conference.


AUMA also actively participated in the Krohne SIL Academy that took place from 29 to 30 March in Duisburg, Germany. More than 90 participants came together to learn about crucial concerns when designing safety-instrumented systems.


“Such an exchange of experience is precious for both sides”, says Dr Jörg Isenberg, Product Specialist for Functional Safety at AUMA. “On the one hand, as an actuator manufacturer we have already gained extensive experience in the use of electric valve actuators in safety-instrumented systems, so we can offer essential support to plant designers and operators. On the other hand, a close relationship with end users helps us to better understand the concrete challenges when putting functional safety into practice, and adapt our solutions to their exact requirements.”


Functional safety aims to increase plant safety through the use of instrumented systems that prevent the plant from getting out of control in case of an emergency. For these applications, AUMA offers a comprehensive portfolio of electric actuators for different safety integrity level (SIL) requirements up to SIL 3.