AUMA innovations at ACHEMA 2018

AUMA is showcasing the latest advances in valve actuation at this year’s ACHEMA, focusing on applications in the water, power, oil and gas, and process industries.


AUMA’s SAV variable-speed actuators bring significant advantages to challenging valve automation tasks, as each change of valve position can be done at the optimum speed. These actuators are now also available in explosion-proof versions, bringing the benefits of variable speed to oil and gas applications, too. High operating speeds favour rapid opening and closing. Low speeds give best positioning accuracy, which considerably increases the effectiveness of control valves, for example. Reducing operating speeds close to the end positions avoids pressure peaks in pipelines and protects the mechanical integrity of valves and sluice gates.


In applications with significant hazard potential, AUMA’s innovative FQM fail-safe unit provides a reliable and purely mechanical way to open and close valves automatically in an emergency, even without electricity. A patent-pending spring motor delivers a nearly-constant torque throughout the entire valve travel.


Entirely watertight are AUMA’s unique submersible actuators. Featuring innovative sealing, non-intrusive parameterisation and separately mounted controls, they withstand continuous submersion in water. These actuators are ideal for underground installation in regions with a high risk of persistent flooding, for example in monsoon areas. An explosion-proof version is now available for use in sewers where flammable gases can build up during dry periods. Other applications include hydropower and permanent underwater use.


AUMA will also present the new generation of its SIMA master station, which facilitates actuator integration into the control system. The new SIMA2 provides mostly automated commissioning and takes over control and communication with the actuators via Modbus RTU. A single master station can now control up to four independent actuator groups in either a line or a ring topology.


Industry 4.0 is more than just a buzzword for AUMA. The integral actuator controls provide comprehensive data logging and self-diagnostics features, thus turning electric actuators into key players in intelligent field device networks. With the AUMA Assistant App and the AUMA Cloud the company provides a platform offering rapid and simple access to both actuator and process data. Visualisation and detailed analysis of this data enable predictive maintenance and asset management.


AUMA invites visitors to ACHEMA 2018 to explore a wide range of the company’s valve actuation solutions using virtual reality. Four large-scale touch screens on the newly designed exhibition stand give access to virtual worlds showing typical water, power, oil and gas and process industry applications.


Visit AUMA at ACHEMA, 11 - 15 June 2018, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Hall 8.0, Booth C23