AUMA remote mounting increases safety and convenience

Łyna wastewater treatment plant in Olsztyn, northern Poland, has installed six new AUMA SAR 07.6 electric actuators for modulating duty to control the dosing of additives. The actuators are sited below ground level, with their AC 01.2 actuator controls mounted above ground for both safety and convenience. Such an arrangement is easy to manage thanks to the modular design of AUMA actuators, which allows the actuator controls to be mounted up to 100 m from the actual actuator with its motor and gearbox.


Working underground brings special safety needs, including qualified personnel and gas tests to ensure sufficient oxygen and rule out explosive atmospheres. Moving the actuator controls up to ground level, in combination with non-intrusive actuator versions, reduces underground work to a minimum, thus helping to save time and cost.


The chief engineer at Łyna WWTP explains that the split-level installation also provides diagnostic and local control from a more comfortable position. The graphical interface and all operational, datalogging and diagnostics features provided by the intelligent AC 01.2 actuator controls are easily accessible.


At Łyna WWTP, the new AUMA actuators for modulating duty handle the high-precision dosing of short-chain fatty acids, which support the growth of microorganisms and help to remove phosphorus from the wastewater. The actuators use Profibus DP-V1 to communicate with the plant’s main control system. Local AUMA Service took care of installation and commissioning on site.

The Łyna plant already has around 200 AUMA actuators. AUMA won this latest order on the basis of the actuators’ performance and especially the ease of remote mounting for the controls.