Customer satisfaction has top priority among our objectives and we strive to improve this satisfaction continuously.


We are aware that Purchasing significantly contributes to ensuring customer satisfaction. Our purchasing objectives and processes are continuously adapted to the wishes and requirements of our customers. Still, this is not sufficient! We also have to involve our partners - the suppliers- in these continual improvement processes to achieve optimum results.


In purchasing, we have to identify, establish and develop partners providing us on time with high end and cost efficient products, capital goods and services. Furthermore, our suppliers should adopt customer satisfaction as their primary objective and address customer requirements and needs with top priority.


We consider it as our duty to clearly and transparently present our requirements on our partners, to monitor the fulfilment of these requirements and correct them if necessary, to assess the performance capability of our partners at regular intervals and to provide the results which serve as the basis for initiating corrections and corrective actions.


Our partners should be willing to adopt our requirements, to transparently present their capabilities and competences with regard to technology, quality, cost-effectiveness and timely to AUMA Riester GmbH & Co. KG, to respect concluded agreements, to accept possible problems, non-conformities, criticism or suggestions for improvement as development opportunity and to initiate and implement appropriate actions within the framework of a continual improvement process.