Achieving the goal together

As a global enterprise, we are aware of our responsibilities towards society. We are highly committed to fostering our personal relationships, to implement production methods minimising enviromental impacts, and create fair opportunities for all stakeholders.


Modern Slavery Statement (PDF file, 501 kbyte)

Managing resources

Managing resources

Not only our products contribute considerably to efficient use and management of natural resources in many parts of the world. For us, ecological aspects in every day work are very important. We actively increase awareness among our staff, reduce waste, and improve the energy efficiency of our buildings - we tackle this crucial issue from many angles.


As early as product development, we at AUMA avoid hazardous substances: With electronic components, for example, we renounce to toxic agents like lead.


In production, we managed to halve solvent consumption by introducing powder coating, refraining from wet painting. Integrated waste water processing reduces fresh water consumption. Process heat generated by compressed air, for example, is recycled and reused.

Offering chances and opportunities

Offering chances and opportunities

"Think globally, act locally" - this is the overall AUMA motto for donations of money and goods at local subsidiary level to support social institutions. Support is given to charity organisations but also to local sports clubs, shools and other facilities in need. As an example, AUMA actively contribute to the building of shools in Bangladesh, foster training and educational projects in India and support the drinking water supply in China.


Respecting values

We focus on long-term and reliable relationships with our partners and with our staff. The AUMA culture values mutual appreciation and respect, nuturing the awareness that we strive for the same goal: Rendering optimum service and advice to our customers by awarding top priority to quality - with  both our products and services.

Developing ideas

Developing ideas

The road to sucess is spearheaded by our experienced staff who are strongly committed, day after day, in enhancing the quality of AUMA solutions. Our focal issue: Providing stable infrastructure and safe workplaces with fast decision-making processes, awarding space for responsibility, creativity, and innovation.


We have etablished a continual improvement programme encouraging all members of staff to submit suggestions and implement ideas.


Sports and social events create networks and nurture cooperation beyond departments and across various sites.

Creating perspectives

Individual training and educational programmes are implemented to support and enhance expert and personal competence of our staff. Besides our large variety of internal training and educational programmes, we encourage our staff to participate in external training schemes and give further support in implementing professional goals.


We are highly committed and proud to develop professional perspectives for young people. AUMA offer many corporate apprenticeships and educational schemes in administration and production. Trainee programmes are open to graduate students in gaining state-of-the-art knowledge in research and technology linked to practical and professional experience within the Company.