North American plant and headquarters: 

AUMA Actuators Inc.  
100 Southpointe Blvd Canonsburg, PA 15317 USA
Phone: +1 724 743-AUMA (2862)
Fax: +1 724 743-4711

Through a network of valve automation centers, existing valves and dampers can be automated either in the field or at the automation center's shop.  Call AUMA at the number listed above for the location of the automation center in your area.

AUMA for valve automation


Electric actuators and gearboxes from the world's leading actuator manufacturer.

AUMA benefits include:

  • rugged and reliable products
  • powerful with multi-turn actuators from 7 to 59,000 ft lb (10 to 80,000 Nm)
    and thrust acceptance up to 900,000 lbs (4,000 kN)
    and part-turn actuators from 18 to 498,000 ft lb (25 to 675,000 Nm)
  • worldwide availability and support
  • modular, user-friendly design

  AUMA International Website

AC 01.2 Actuator Controls Offer A Wide Range Of Valuable, User Friendly Features



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