Valve position indicator

Valve position indicator WSG 90.1 / WGD 90.1

If the valve position is transmitted via several stages to the limit switching in the multi-turn actuator, the accumulation of the backlashes can result in a hysteresis. 

The valve position indicator WSG can be used to avoid this effect. When directly connected to the worm wheel of the gearing, a precise position feedback with low backlash can be achieved

WSG 90.1 is used for swing angles up to 180°, WGD 90.1 for swing angles exceeding 180°.

The valve position indicator is designed for mounting to AUMA worm gearboxes GS 50.3 - 125.3/GS 160 - GS 500.

Design features:

  • Direct connection to the worm wheel (hardly any backlash)
  • Contactless end position sensors (Hall sensors)
  • Modular design - can easily be adapted to different gearbox sizes 
  • Can be positioned at every 90°

Ambient conditions:

  • High enclosure protection
  • High quality corrosion protection
  • Wide ambient temperature ranges


  • Continuous mechanical position indication
  • Generation of a end position signal for swivel movements between 80° and 100° 
    for transmission to the control room 
  • Continuous direct travel monitoring for transmission to the control room (option)  

valve position indicator WSG with worm gearbox GS 50.3

Full product documentation to valve position indicator WSG:


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